The Calcutta Cup fixture on Saturday afternoon, has to go down as the most engaging and stressful game of rugby I have ever witnessed. Going in I was hopeful for Scotland, but aware this has not been our greatest Six Nations campaign. 

The first half saw Scotland play well, but not well enough against a strong England side. The half time score of 31-7 made it tempting to look away, but then something momentous happened. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in the Scotland dressing room at half time. Whatever was said by Scottish Head Coach Gregor Townsend, to the Scots 15 it certainly steeled them and they came out fighting.

Nimbly evading the English defence to equalise 31-31, it was truly unbelievable stuff. With three minutes to go the unthinkable happens, Scotland edge 7 points over England with the score now 31-38. This must be the greatest come back in Scottish rugby history; they have to make it over the line now. A nation held its breath, waiting for that elusive win over England at Twickenham, something last done in 1983. However, absolute heartbreak, Scotland unites in a collective sigh with some added swearing. England claw back a draw with a conversion.

The Murrayfield win last year meant Scotland retained the Calcutta Cup, so a trophy presentation ensues without the usually prerequisite win.

Final score 38-38, but Scotland, ever glorious in sporting defeat can be proud of their extraordinary display on Saturday.

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