Scouts Scotland Founders Day Marked in Parliament

 Kezia Dugdale, Labour MSP for the Lothian Region, has helped Scouts Scotland celebrate it’s Founders Day by lodging a motion in the Scottish Parliament.

 February the 22nd is the Birthday of Robert Baden-Powell who founded the Scouts. Across, Edinburgh, Scotland (and the world), young people will be celebrating Scouting, with many wearing their uniforms proudly to school. 

Last year, Kezia Dugdale MSP was awarded the Scouts Scotland Youth Advocacy Award badge in the same way that Scouts earn their badges, by completing a number of actions to help MSPs experience the skills for life that Scouts has to offer.

 Kezia Dugdale earned her badge by taking the Meadows Explorers on a tour of the Parliament where they taught her how to tie a sling using a Scout Neckie. She also visited the Bonaly Scout Centre in Edinburgh and got to take part in high ropes activities.

Commenting on Scouts Scotland Founders Day, Kezia Dugdale MSP said:
 “Many Scouts across Edinburgh will be celebrating Founders Day today, to celebrate the creation of the Scouts which offers young people incredible opportunities and unforgettable experiences, as well as essential life skills.

 “Scouting in Scotland continues to grow in popularity year on year and celebrating the opportunity that Scouts gives young people to gain valuable life skills that allow them to succeed is important.

 “I’m proud to have risen to the challenge and achieved my Scouts Scotland Youth Advocacy Award badge and will be encouraging MSP colleagues to also get involved and learn some skills for life and more about the great work that Scouts Scotland do locally in their own areas.”


 Note to editor:
 Photos of Kezia Dugdale MSP earning her badge and with a local Lothian Scout group are available.

The motion lodged by Kezia Dugdale MSP: 

Motion Number: S5M-15954
Lodged By: Kezia Dugdale
Date Lodged: 21/02/2019

Title: Scouts Scotland Founders Day

Motion Text:

That the Parliament celebrates the 2019 Scouts Scotland Founders Day on 22 February; acknowledges that this date marks the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, and that many Scouts across Edinburgh. Lothian Region, Scotland and the world will mark the day by reaffirming their oaths and celebrating Scouting, with many wearing their uniforms proudly to school on the day; recognises that MSPs are being encouraged to participate in Scouts Scotland’s Youth Advocacy Award badge, which can be earned in the same way that Scouts earn their badges, by completing a number of actions to help them experience the skills for life that Scouts learn, and hope that as many as possible take up that challenge.About the Youth Advocacy Award:
 • In order to earn their badge MSPs must complete 4 out of 7 requirements: visit a local Scout group, raise issues relating to young people in the Parliament or in the Media, take a Scout group on a tour of the Scottish Parliament, engage with a Scouts Scotland Youth Advisory Group, attend a Scouts Scotland event and take part in activities, learn a skill or visit a Scouts National Activity Centre.
 • This award was designed in partnership with young people who sit on the Scouts Scotland National Youth Advisory Group.
 • Scouts Scotland have a National Youth Advisory Group (NYAG) and are in the process of setting up local youth advisory groups across Scotland. These groups are vital in ensuring that Scouting is led by young people in partnership with adults. We want to create a modern Scouting movement that young people want.
 • The award can be earned over the five year term of the Scottish Parliament, and any of the requirements earned before the award was launched all count towards achieving the badge.
 • On completion of the award MSPs will be presented with a pin badge and a certificate.
About Scouting in Scotland
 • Each week, Scouts Scotland give almost 40,000 young people in Scotland the opportunity to enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed. We are talking about teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians.
 • Scouts Scotland released its most recent membership census figures in May 2018. There are now 51,371 members in Scotland. Scouting in Scotland has enjoyed 12 Years of sustained youth membership growth.
 • Adults volunteering in Scouting contribute in excess of 364 million hours of voluntary work each year to their local communities across the United Kingdom.

• Scouts are aged 6-25; we welcome adult volunteers of all ages.
 • At present there are more than 4,100 young people on waiting lists in Scotland. Becoming an adult volunteer is fun, rewarding and good for your CV. Adult volunteers receive full training, support and many opportunities for adventure as well.
 • Scouting is the largest co-educational youth movement in Scotland.
 • Scouting is open to everyone regardless of faith, gender, sexuality, race, or ability.
 • 1 person began Scouting on 1st August 1907 (Robert Baden Powell); today nearly 550,000 Scouts (young people and volunteers) now take part in the UK and 40 million around the world.
 • What have Bear Grylls, David Beckham, Tim Peake, Paul McCartney, The Duchess of Cambridge, Richard Branson and Jamie Oliver all got in common? They were (or are) all Scouts.
 • We offer over 200 activities from abseiling and coding to drama and archery. All made possible by the efforts of 8,222 volunteer leaders in Scotland.

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