Kezia Dugdale MSP gets First Class experience as she turns postie for the day in Edinburgh
Postman David Campbell and Kezia Dugdale MSP
Lothians MSP Kezia Dugdale was involved in delivering the post when she joined a local postman on his delivery round in Edinburgh today.
Kezia is one of a number of local MPs and MSPs being invited to go out with postmen and women across Scotland to see the lengths Royal Mail goes to to deliver the post.
The purpose of the visits is to give MPs and MSPs a unique insight into the challenges of delivering mail to every house and business in their constituency, six days a week.
Jamie McLaughlan, Royal Mail Delivery Manager, who briefed Kezia before she set off on her walk said: “We’re delighted that Kezia is taking the time to experience the everyday challenges faced by our delivery postmen and women.
“The visit gave us the opportunity to show Kezia how we are continuing to modernise and transform our organisation. We have invested in new sorting and delivery equipment as we respond to the changing nature of the modern postbag.We are delivering more parcels and fewer letters than ever before and the tools for the job need to reflect that.”
Kezia Dugdale MSP said: “Postmen and women perform an incredibly important function in our communities, not just delivering the mail, but being one of the institutions that connects and binds us together as a country.
“I wanted to get a real understanding of the work that goes into delivering the mail on a daily basis. There can be no better way of getting that insight than actually going out and doing the job alongside a delivery postman or woman. I joined local postmanDavid Campbell, who has been delivering mail to customers in Edinburgh for 26 years.”
Royal Mail is continuing to modernise its operation, which means every part of the process from collecting, transporting, sorting and delivering the mail is being improved to further increase efficiency.
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