Kezia Dugdale with a small child


Scottish Labour’s plan to increase Child Benefit by £260-a-year would help nearly 125,000 children in the Lothians, latest figures have revealed.

The proposal to increase Child Benefit by £5-a-week was first proposed by Kezia Dugdale when she was Scottish Labour leader.

Research from the Child Poverty Action Group has suggested the top-up could lift up to 30,000 children out of poverty.

Across Scotland, 930,375 children qualify for child benefit, making up over half a million families.

That includes 122,365 children in the Lothian region – 15,480 in Edinburgh Eastern, 13,710 in Edinburgh Western, 13,510 in Edinburgh Pentlands and 13,210 in Edinburgh Northern and Leith.

Ms Dugdale said the top-up would help families struggling with the cost of living.


Labour MSP for Edinburgh and the Lothians, Kezia Dugdale, said:

“This policy would lift tens of thousands of children out of poverty, and it’s galling that the SNP continues to vote with the Tories to block it.

“Figures show that nearly 125,000 children in the Lothian region would benefit, and it is Nicola Sturgeon who is stopping these families receiving the money that could help them with the cost of living.

“The Tories have spent the best part of a decade giving the super-rich tax breaks, worth tens of billions, while working families are worse off.

“And under the SNP, the Scottish government has failed to tackle the economic problems and done nothing to tackle poverty and inequality. Only Labour has a plan to eradicate poverty.”





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