Kez has urged Nicola Sturgeon to raise Northern Ireland’s abortion ban with DUP leader Arlene Foster when she visits Scotland – and called for a travel bursary to be introduced for women.
Kez said a bursary for women boarding ferries and planes in Belfast for abortions in Scotland should be in place for as long as they are ‘denied their basic human rights’.
Last year, the UK government unveiled plans to provide free abortion services in England for women from Northern Ireland.
Arlene Foster is due to speak at an Orange Order parade in Fife at the end of June.
Today, a majority of judges in the Supreme Court said the existing law in Northern Ireland is incompatible with human rights law in cases of fatal foetal abnormality and sexual crime.

Watch Kez during First Minister’s Questions today:


Speaking after First Minister’s Questions, Kez said:

“In Northern Ireland, some women have received longer jail sentences for having an abortion than the men who raped them in first place.
“I urge the First Minister to arrange a meeting with Arlene Foster and raise this issue when she visits Scotland later this month.
“This is a human rights issue for women living in another part of the UK. I hope Nicola Sturgeon will consider addressing the barriers that women face when boarding ferries in Belfast in accessing services here in Scotland. I support the introduction of a travel bursary for as long as Northern Irish women are denied their basic human rights.”

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