Lothian’s Labour MSP, Kezia Dugdale, asked the Scottish Government for confirmation of what date all work on the Queensferry Crossing would be completed and the bridge fully operational, in a written Parliamentary Question last week.

In a written response issued to Ms Dugdale today from  Scottish Government, Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf MSP was unable to provide an answer issuing a holding response stating he would “reply to the member as soon as possible.”

Weeks after the official opening of the new Queensferry Crossing, road and speed restrictions remain in place and commuters have been frustrated by delays and increased journey times.


Commenting on the Scottish Government response Kezia Dugdale MSP said:

“This is a humiliating response for the Transport Minister and the Scottish Government. Despite numerous ceremony’s and celebrations around the completion of the new Queensferry Crossing, months on from the official opening and the Scottish Government have had to admit it is still incomplete.”

“Thousands of road users in Edinburgh and Fife remain frustrated that following years of disruption, following the much heralded opening of the crossing, journey times have not been reduced and in fact taking many commuters even longer.”

“The Scottish Government failing to answer this simple question today is just another delay, and people on both sides of the Forth simply want the truth about how much longer they need to wait until this crossing is finally finished.”


Scottish Labour MSP for Fife, Claire Baker also commented:

“Drivers are growing more and more frustrated by the day that there continues to be delays on the Queensferry Crossing.

“The new crossing was supposed to help commuters from Fife travel to and from Edinburgh, but in it’s present state the crossing is simply not delivering what was promised.

“I’m shocked the Scottish Government can’t answer a simple question about when the bridge will be complete, or even provide some further detail today about when we can at least expect to see speed restrictions removed to improve people’s commutes.”


Notes to Editor:

Copy of the PQ Response from the Scottish Government issued today



14 November 2017


Index Heading: Transport Scotland

Kezia Dugdale (Lothian) (Scottish Labour): To ask the Scottish Government by what date all work on the Queensferry Crossing will be completed and the bridge will be fully operational.



Humza Yousaf:

I shall reply to the member as soon as possible.


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