Kezia Dugdale has today dramatically called for members of Holyrood’s all-male governing body to resign en masse in the wake of the Holyrood harassment scandal.

The corporate body oversees the running, staffing and financing of the Scottish Parliament and is comprised by MSPs from all parties.

But there is unhappiness at Holyrood over the fact all five members are currently men.

The presiding officer and chief executive of the parliament are also both men – meaning there are no women in senior leadership or management roles.

In a letter to the group today, Dugdale has called for all members of group to resign so a new process can be put in place to guarantee female representation.

The Lothian MSP believes the proposal is necessary in light of revelations about harassment of females at Holyrood.

In the letter, she writes: “I have long held view that the gender composition of the Parliament matters.

“I think the revelations of the past fortnight however bring a sharper focus to the decision making bodies within the Parliament, notably the SPCB and the Parliamentary Bureau.

“Given these are the bodies which set the Parliament’s policy on a whole range of issues related to the day to day the running of the Parliament, I think it’s no longer tenable for it to be an all-male domain.

“Knowing most of you well – I have no doubt in my mind that is a view which you are likely to share or at least have sympathy with.”

Dugdale said she realises the membership of the SPCB is a matter for the political parties themselves and not for Parliament.


This article first appeared in the Daily Record newspaper on the 6th of November 2017.

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