The organisations which champion LGBT rights are always delighted when a big Hollywood name declares their sexuality, just as they are every time a leading politician or sports player does it. Why? Because the more people see openly gay people the more accepting they are, the more normal it becomes. That’s why, even in 2017, it’s a big moment when someone “comes out.”

Yesterday Hollywood mega star Kevin Spacey announced to the world that he’d had relationships with men and women and was now choosing to live as a gay. This should have been a massive moment. With two Oscars under his belt and a Hollywood career spanning over 30 years, he would probably be the biggest LGBT star in the world. But the LGBT community were less than impressed. Why? Because he used his sexuality to deflect from his conduct following an alleged sexual assault.

So he’s spent decades hiding from his sexuality and then used his sexuality as a cloak to hide from the fact he’s been accused of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old boy. 

His conduct hasn’t just lost the LGBT community a new champion. It’s actually set it back quite considerably, as it allows people with less than open minds to conflate gay men with under age sex.  

Donald Trump’s Vice President reportedly wants to hang all gay men whilst the rights of gay Americans to marry hangs in the balance of the next Supreme Court justice. Homophobia is still rife in many American States. These accusations levied at Kevin Spacey are decades old, but they collateral damage of them could be felt far in to the future.

This was first published in the Daily Record newspaper on the 31st of October 2017

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