Kezia Dugdale MSP

Welcome to my website, where you should find everything you need to know about my work as a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Lothian Region.

I want to be accessible and open to my constituents as possible. This website will allow you to get in touch and will let you see what I am doing within the local Region and the Scottish Parliament each week.

I want to create a Scotland where it is a young person’s potential, ambition and work rate that determine how far they get on in life – not where they were born. Only by investing in education and our vital public services can we make that Scotland a reality.

The Scottish Labour Party is ambitious for Scotland. We are focused on using the powers of our Scottish Parliament to invest in the future, rather than re-running the old arguments of the past. The Scottish people deserve nothing less.


I believe it is important to offer constituents the opportunity to speak to their elected representatives as much as possible. I will be holding regular accessible surgeries in the Scottish Parliament and across the region each month to give constituents the opportunity to meet me to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

You can click on the Surgeries link at the top of my website to see where I will be and when.

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